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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 25, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>catherine: president obama is urging their lawmakers to raise the debt ceiling. with the deadline just one week away. republicans and democrats made expressions for resolutions tonight. >> obamas and john boehner brought that on the going to bait into the american living rooms tonight. >> unfortunately for the past several weeks they say the only way they will vote to have the first ever default is it the rest of oscar agree to their deep only spending-of-the rest of
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us agree to their terms. if that happens? interest rates could climb for everybody, with a student loan, home loan. defaulting on our obligations financially is a reckless solution. >> there's no stalemate. the bipartisan support to raise the stadebt limit. while he is trying to raise and pass a bill full of phony gimmicks we are going to pass one that has been and will pass the senate. and we will wait for president's signature. the latest plans with harry reed cutting 2.7 trillion dollars in spending. the
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next debt deadline will become after the 2012 election. the republican the john boehner comes in two different phases. 1.2 trillion in spending and 1.8 trillion. the next debt deadline could be coming in early 2012. a lot of posturing and political theater but no raising the debt limit. the president are not able to still no agreement. >> the government is stopping to collect taxes on faa they cannot legally collect that money right now. most airlines raised prices so they can pocket that monday. just a few airlines past those savings on to customers such as alaska airlines. >> constructions oakland airport is on hold. work on
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a new control tower with a 60 people that were on the that $38 million project were told not to come to work this morning. >> a gun battle on the streets of san francisco. tensions soaring. >> i am angry i am hurt and i want the truth. >> a prominent civil-rights law firm takes on the case. >> what we have more executions-excuses and-- tonight, the new allegations and what police have to say about the latest challenge to their version of the killing. >> the family of canada harding has not hired an attorney. dan kerman is telling us what the family of canada hurting. april lee who was kishinev harding-- his name is kenneth harding. not relevant says his
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family's attorney. >> no matter his criminal background that is not a means in and of its self to be shot down and killed. >> distraught family members to not believe the san francisco police attorneys account of confrontation with police and the baby district. >> i am angry. i am hurt in the one justice to be done. >> they're returning is demanding that all of their evidence view overturned with surveillance video, 911 of calls and test results to gunshot residue. >> i want to be able to of the documents of the weaken the value we can make a decision to ourselves as opposed to relying on if this will be another allegation, plan. ultimately that could be rescinded and something else tried out for the public release. in addition to all of this
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information for this to be turned over for review any witnesses to contact this law firm and tell them exactly what they saw. in open, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> the san francisco police department is saying that it is being transparent and releasing this statement saying that in part that we disclosed to the public right away and also for the department has released facts as they have been available. we believe we're being as transparent as possible without being taking away from the active ongoing investigation. >> the new details of brian stowe. the beating at dodgers stadium. suspects were in court in los angeles. neither entered a plea. that is postponed until next month with the new information on their
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arraignment. teresa estacio reports that they have evidence tying it these two men to this crime. >> reports revealed that photos were taken at dodgers stadium placing these two suspects when brian stow was injured. also that cellphone records the time these two to the game. this is the first look at the suspects that there mug shot has been released. both are facing five different felony counts. louis sun just talked about his client and how he does not believe that police have the right person. >> what i know from the profile that was given to me from the family and the people close to my client he does not fit the profile of somebody that would commit that type of crime. he is a family man. he is a supervisor at an auto action for many years with a stable employment. he is been at the same residence for the
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past 15-16 years. >> the resident has been asked to postpone any court action. >> only 10 pages of discovery during this investigation were not given very much. unfortunately i still and not know what their case is based on a. >> north with the attorneys requested a bill reduction she denied it at 1.5 million--is already set at one half billion dollars- prosecutors say that both should be denied because of their criminal background. the fact they say that sanchez is a has a witness that has come forward. teresa estacio, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: 80s in antioch, concord more comfortable in the san jose. we of warmer weather on tap i will have details coming up.
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>>catherine: to kron 4 news it 8:00 p.m. the and suspect and norway's killing what he told the judge and teenagers mauled by a bear. the san francisco giants were in washington d.c.. brian will someone was in a suit. more on the giants trip is and my story. >> siegel'eagulls invading at&t park. >> a new smart phone application that will basically pay you for just walking around with your smart phone. really easy money. gabe slate, gabe slate's tech report [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane.
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>>catherine: delayed a celebration of san francisco giants of the white house. that trip was delayed after osama bin laden was caught. j.r. stone has more on what happened with the president. >> hello everybody have a seat, have a seat this is a party. >> this is a celebration for a world class ball team the san francisco giants. >> the manager once called them a bunch of misfits and castoffs. the president welcomed to the giants for the first time since the one dependent last season. lincecum winning the pennant. >> with incredible innings. with perhaps it is a good idea to bet on the skinny guy laand brian wilson. and there is the guy with the. .
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where is he? with the beard ? i fear it. (cheers & applause) >> underneath the. and the spandex tuxedo and the beard and the cleats with his face on him is one of the most dominant closers in baseball. as he presented the president with an autographed a baseball bat and a 44 jersey. with a 44 on it is the 44 president. and a plaque with a black- and-white with the chicago white sox colors. >> i want to congratulate the team in the rest of the season for the white sox if there in the playoffs lawj.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> kimberlee: today, we asked viewers what they think about if the giants
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could repeat the world series again. first of the majority of the viewers thinking that 60 percent said yes! of course but there are plenty of oakland a's. 24 percent said ago 80 oakland that perhaps maybe they have a chance and the next of the deal if you are not able to watch the giants at the white house this morning? you can watch this on facebook. go to our facebook fan porridge and you can watch the giants with the president stay with us. more news after this quick break.
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belli east palo alto is a dealing with a wave of violence. they say that given permission of leading to the killing of july 13th of chavez of east palo alto on the 19th. local gang members have been related. >> for in this, 20 years old. cornelius, 19. when this for in thi we members of ts trio created both problem membef murders and east palo alto from his crime spree in scanning all the way to colorado springs. it
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>> the other men remain at large as for the motive? they believe that it is gang-related. the news conference with the shooting last night at 10:the 30 p.m. at the 1400 block of east bayshore road were in 19 year-old kid was killed. and an 18 year-old was killed. >> a family is reeling after the shooting of a 11 year- old a stray bullet while sleeping. on lagoon a street in san francisco's western addition. house seat month haazig madyun spoke--about the safety. >> although one a stray bullet at the 11th year old several bullets of come into its western addition housing unit. and even a fire erupted out for the night. >> i came out and this is what i saw. >>reporter: they say that he was not the target of the
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shooting a they say the investigators are concerned for their safety. >> police want to know if we're going to relocate to another place. they want to do that very quickly that is why we are getting ready. >> after speaking of with officials the do not want to go on to the record about relocating the family but to beef up patrols presence. it kron 4 haazig madyun. >> police have released the names of the suspects mitchell, of san francisco. >>reporter: a live look outside from our mount tam cam this evening. it is rolling over the hills with the foggy morning a tomorrow. first, the temperatures were very comfortable. 64 in oakland, 60s in redwood city 70's and the south bait and 80s for the inland valley. self-bay
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and as we go towards tomorrow very similar conditions. by wednesday, superstate a warming trend. oakland, 70's. by wednesday, it expected warming trend in the south bay. if you degrees warmer by thursday. more about the warming trend coming up in just a bit. gabe slate's tech report >> a new application it is easy money it is called gig walk to use your location it will request small jobs for you to perform and pay you for the live. like getting the picture of what the front of a business, confirming business hours or pictures of a menu and a restaurant. it is easy on site tasks like verifying a street name, product
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placement in stores. one asked for the exact rules of the intersections of turning on red. mapping and traffic stuff and a lot of things on businesses and restaurants. and one wanted to know if there is wheelchair accessible. there are a ton of these available and it is easy because they're showing you these in your current locations. you will see these on a map and will walking to work, school you confirm easy money between $4-$7. between people. and you can officials become a walker which is also free. it is- pay pal singh and people are making $1200 per month. and they sell these to websites and applications giving detailed information, and images and their products. it is like the smart phone user into a mobile workforce. is interesting and think of the websites and a smart applications that need details on mapping and businesses. there are a lot of people out there looking
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>> the latest from the killer. this 15 page
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document was posted on line. it appeared to be a military uniform with metals. with christian crusaders who fought against muslim rule of the holy land and the middle ages. he declares his political allegiance to a new is lomb that " my government and the media capitulated several years ago. thousands of muslims pouring in and it is just chaotic. these suicidal traders must be stopped. some of these warnings was practically word for word of the first pages of the anti-technology manifesto written by unabomber ted kosinski oslo, huge crowds warranted the victims. the lord of the death from 93 to 76. eight people died. it the lord death toll today of the death toll has been lowered
8:26 pm
today from 93 to it's the amount of 76. at least four people are still not accounted for. he will be kept in isolation or eight weeks until as next court appearance. norwegian police are being criticized for taking 90 minutes to respond to the island shooting. and also if they were requesting people to stay off of the fault lines. the entire local helicopter crew was on summer vacation. stay with us. more news after the break. ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card...
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>> tonight at the big stories president obaand updating the public on the debt debate. after august 2nd the government is in danger of default. john boehner is saying that it is not going to happen with " a blank check approach. >> harding is a victim of a shootout with police. the family is requesting more
8:30 pm
information. he was on parole after a 14 year-old was forced into prostitution. and wanted in a seattle murder. >> brian stow beating two new suspects made their los angeles court room appearance. this was postponed until next month. >> enrichment teenager is back into the bay area after being attacked of by a bear by a mother grizzly and alaska. this richmond teenager is just landing at the airport. >> yes he was whisked away very quickly and i just spoke to passengers. as a factor martin and they told me that security officials were waiting. i just spoke to passengers and there were
8:31 pm
even the sheriff's deputies escorting a family member. his name is bob beef amis beef he had a large blue suitcase and was whisked away as well. he said that his nephew did not want to be bombarded with these questions. i spoke with his grandmother earlier today. he said that perhaps he was going to be tired. that is why he was whisked away. he said that he was doing okay. tonight we know that he has at home in richmond recovering. treated in alaska for his ankle was owned from that mother grizzly >> maureen kelly spoke to the family who describe what happened. >> viktor marcham told his cousin that he was third in a line of seven hikers one they came across a grizzly bear like the one you see
8:32 pm
here. alaska state troopers believe that she was with her cubs when it attacked. >> will for you know with the mother bear started running towards us. and the bear bit him on his late getting started as kicking hard as he could. he laid back down when he figured out the bear was gone. >> the other people attacked suffered the worst. victor sustained a bite wound above his ankle and other love with a punctured lolung they used their survival training while they waited hours for help to ride. >> he says if we get attacked by a bear that is the worst thing in the world.
8:33 pm
>> maureen kelly. >> grant lotus let me show you were this large board the alaska this year. and the denalhi mountainous remote location north of anchorage the terrain is not easy to get to. once that grizzly bear it left the teen's activated 8 locater beacon. emergency people were n located the war risky to after five hours. they were rescued-- after five hours. the only took martin. the other people had to wait until a medical air team could breast to them. a very trying event for those in alaska. the medical care
8:34 pm
team was brought and while the others had to wait. >>catherine: onew contract negotiations cutting 911 dispatchers and officers. the police unions say that this will of a huge impact on the department. >> first of all will not be able to recruit laterally from another agency from placental because we are going to the lowest in the county. from placental--not to mention the new officers from pleasant hills--it will be a stepping stone for those officers to become a transient police department. new officers and dispatchers will get their certificates and requirements and move onto different agencies. >> also at this meeting the want to voice their concern about this proposal. >> and man with attempted
8:35 pm
murder being charged is an accomplice and burglarized home on thursday. neighbors called police there was a police standoff investigators to the oil opened fire on the officers when they tried to arrest them. livomack, 48 year-old sarah gave this ma16 year-old alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. in the past she was even a speaker but the low stock was police chief after she was seriously injured by a drunken driver. >> a bank robber caught on surveillance video this morning on the alamo drive. the wells fargo in side of a grocery store. the suspect was armed with a gun is not
8:36 pm
quite certain how much was able to get away with. will's fargo is offering a $10,000 reward. wells fargo is offering a $10,000 reward. >> governor brown is offering illegal immigrastudent financial aid for illegal immigrants. it is different from the dream act which would include a pass to citizenship for those brought to the country illegally as children. (music) >> jacqueline: a return patchy fog. temperatures pretty mild. by noon, the fog will press all along the coast. places near livermore. and sunny and mild by noon. temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood with '70s and '80s and the south bay. milpitas, a very comfortable tent in the
8:37 pm
south bay and also inland. potential below iour normal range of 80s. 60s in oakland, and near fremont 73 degrees. also 60s for the coast. the fog is expected to cling to the coast for the afternoon. your kron 4 7 day around the bay fault for the next couple of mornings but we're going to warm up by wednesday with touch fog for the next couple of mornings. average- temperatures for this time of year for the weekend. >>catherine: at&t park with hundreds of siegel'ea gulls >> this is crazy take a look of all of these birds hovering around at&t park and the game is still going on. this was posted on you tube with hundreds getting
8:38 pm
to swipe a french fry or anything else. these are a health hazard and disrupting the game the ballpark is concerned and is looking into ways that these can be taken away from at&t park. one of the options would be something like indigo he is been trained " with birds of prey for most of his life. he says that he can take care of the problem without harming the birds. and rose marie also has a falcon and she says that siegel's are terrified. >> the sport would be able to chase off nuisance birds such as these sea gulls >> they see that falcon and before they release her they get a head start. she would chase around a little bit but just her presence is enough for the birds to go away.
8:39 pm
>> birds were born like best and to cacaptivity they're not trying to eat the birds. this would easily solve the problem. >> once they see that predatory birds are in the area they will go away. >> jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> coming up on a drop on home and thcarful violators car pool by leaders. violators of car pool lanes
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>> yes you need a minimum of three passengers on the issue of the trucks, two- seater or just having a white decal. those yellow hybrid vehicles stickers expired july 1st >> hello stanley. >> if you have three or more passengers your good as gold. if not? the ticket = $400. many people thought that i was going to issue them a ticket so they thought i was calling to be able to reroute and. >> what is going on, stanley! >> this man said that he was lost. >> just to see how easy it is to find car pool violators this was shot in less than 50 minutes. i'm not psychic but i bet i cannot predict the future with more tickets in the
8:43 pm
near future. the muni passes? am i going to get those violators! >> i will be back. at the on ramp, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m gary radnich is up with the giants face off. and the coach now that the lock out is over. that and more, coming up. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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>> good evening everybody nfl labor speaks. >> football as back and that is great for everybody want to thank all of the players for their leadership. and for securing the long term the future of the game. having a 10 year agreement is extraordinarily great for our teams and fans. >> it is important that we talk about the future future of football as a partnership and i'm proud of the men behind me in the former players of stood with us. most of all, i think that i dig our fans that love our game. >> these numbers that jump out, that 10 year deal means
8:47 pm
that will not get this for a while. the free agents perhaps you could lose them one season early. and no more full contact 2 per day transpires no more aggressiv the players and team coaches cannot beat the players up too much. coach talking football. >> i cannot tell you how great it is going to have those guys in the building, face to face, and the captain kneecap smelling their breath. just getting to know them and letting them know me. th20 we can get a plan going and get started. once that happens. i feel like i know that is in place, let's go! >> gary: it is something unique but perhaps if you've not heard the news director
8:48 pm
smile that it wo be great smell your breath again and the new 6000 a square foot out the door wheat room. adding practice stance where people can watch them on the weight room--adjustments to their practice facilities. some of this jammed together the team conditioning and tomorrow. drafting a free agent signed with two teams opening thursday and friday. the oakland raiders are expected to be on that the field by thursday. the giants are expected to be on friday. >> cam newton >> tim newton lost $30 million. he was a top pick last year before the rookie salary cap restriction. one
8:49 pm
was that he was going to make $30 million more. >> the big losers are probably the rockies that are going to make a lot less. but to get it done without missing games is a big victory for the unions and the nfl. >> do you agree with this of the owners got money back and the players may be the practice schedules and not be as dramatic? >> the owners of a lot of money back! once they lost that if steelmaking it had to get a deal cut. >> to you--dealmaking. >> do you think that it had to go this far? >> i hate to say it but n f l usually happens with lethbridge and i suspected it would not have gotten done two months ago and it always has to happen-with- leveraged- >> the great scene on one of the best players the with out you would not get that
8:50 pm
done craft was a big owner in the room. we are not going to kill the golden goose? >> my understanding is that robert kraft is an amazing man. >> white passed away. >> robert craft took much of the rule with past negotiation as being the voice of sage advice >> what are the keys doing? they are trying to put tampa bay in the fifth inning the 80s--and philadelphia tomorrow night and the are at cafe tonigthe a's anare n tampa bay tonight. and even president obama squeezing in time for the a's before his
8:51 pm
speech tonight. >> and then that there is the guy with the beard? i do fear is it. [laughter] (cheers & applause) that is what this team is all about the characters with characters and once again i want to congratulate this team and wish them all the best of luck. unless the white sox are in the world series toward which, right now is not a sure thing. congratulations, everybody. (cheers & applause) >> gary: leaving politics of sight i think ronald reagan was able to stand it and he was a quite a bit older. >>catherine: clinton could talk but this guy walks into a room and just,,,
8:52 pm
>> gary: the african american he is a bit more hip and others before and players relate to the sky. in a terrific way. again you have to -relate to this--- guy and it is funny he knows how to work the room. a big deal for the giants today. >>catherine: we will be right back. turn left.
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>> kimberlee: the cause of death will remain a mystery for turf amy winehouse the autopsy did not declare an official death. the 27 year- old won five grammy awards for the album " back to black " has catapulted to no. 1 on itunes. she died saturday after a long struggle with the alcohol and drug abuse. >> constance is firing back after her daughter cleaned abuse. she sued-claim abuse.
8:56 pm
>> two teams of hip-hop are bringing the concert tour. kanya west and jay z with be at hd pavilion. and after captain america topped the box office. this comes after other films failed. actsharry potter was in the second place and friends with benefits came in the third. >>catherine: jacqueline of the weather? >> perhaps by the end of the week but fog of the next couple of mornings. by wednesday, notice the temperatures are five degrees warmer inland. this trend will continue for the weekend with normal for this time of year with and 90's in land and upper 70's for the bayshore. >>catherine: thank you, see
8:57 pm
you at 11:00 p.m. (music) honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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